Final Projects

These final project descriptions represent some of the work completed by students in the Critical Digital Archives seminar.

It Utero

Creator: Ashley Garcia

It Utero is a digital repository that archives the voices of Mexican and Mexican-American women who write about people’s experiences in the northern Mexican border. In this site, you will also have access to book reviews and samples of the authors’ works, and reading guides.

Reassigning Authorship: An Updated Library Guide to the “Latorre Collection on the Kickapoo Indians of Mexico”

Creator: Alina Scott

Description: This project provides an itemized outline of the contents of several boxes of the Benson Library’s “Latorre Collection on the Kickapoo Indians of Mexico”. Its scope is limited to materials that would add complementary information to those interested in undertaking the repatriation of the collection. This generally includes boxes and folders that contain Indigenous cultural and scientific knowledge, correspondence related to the Kickapoo and other Indigenous groups, photographs of individuals, families, ceremonies, and cultural materials, with special attention paid to authorship and individuals mentioned.

NAIS Digital Archive

Creators: Nicole Larrondo, Pablo Millalén, Montserrat Madariaga-Caro, Jessica Sánchez, and Pilar Villanueva-Martínez

Description: We created a prototype of the Native American and Indigenous Studies Digital Archive (NAIS Digital Archive) for the University of Texas at Austin. The NAIS Digital Archive documents the social history of the program’s events to bring visibility to the Indigenous community on campus. The archive’s mission is to address the impact that NAIS has on the UT campus social life, recognizing the worth of NAIS community’s presence, activities, activism, resilience and creative force inside and outside academic spaces.

Documenting Criminalization of LGBT(Q) Individuals in Dictatorial Chile (1973-1990)

Creator: Kaitlin Burns

This project is the first step in a larger research goal which seeks to fill a void in the archive for the dictatorial period in Chile, 1973-1990. The investigation focuses on documents which prove sexual mistreatment directed toward the LGBT(Q) community of Chile, and seeks to uncover the silence that reflects these communities’ social exile during the time period in question.

Entanglements: Spanish Language Acquisition and the Historical Archive

Daniel Nourry

This project seeks to provide a platform that will allow the Spanish Language Instructor to take advantage of the archival material located at the Nettie Lee Benson Library. The platform provides a descriptive guide and links to specific archival material that is cross-referenced with specific language instruction topics. The platform is designed to promote the entanglement of Spanish language acquisition classes with historical archives on order to highlight the complex and dynamically political role that language plays in the historical and socio-cultural contexts of the territories where Spanish is the main language.