About Shalperta Press

What is Shalperta Press?

Shalperta Press is a micropress based in Knoxville, TN. We print posters, zines, and other projects on our Risograph GR3770, using paper from French Paper Co. Shalperta Press is a project of Hannah and Saul Alpert-Abrams.

Why did I get something in the mail?

You received a letter from Shalperta Press because you are a friend of Saul, Hannah, or one of our project collaborators.

What should I do with it?

Read it! Display it! Give it to a friend! Give it to your hamster! Cut it up and make a snowflake!

How much does it cost?

Most of our projects are free.

But I want to pay for it

We will accept up to $5 to help with shipping expenses via venmo (@halperta - 9400).

Want to give more money? Send some support to Mountain Access Brigade, our local abortion fund.

I have a project idea! Can we collaborate?

We are always looking for collaborators. We love projects that are:

  • Small
  • Simple
  • Cute
  • Angry
  • Clever
  • Weird
  • Imperfect

Get in touch and we can talk more.

How do I get on the mailing list?

If you know one of us, send us an email or DM and we’ll be happy to add you.

I don’t like this anymore

If you mean you don’t want to receive mail from us, you can email shalpertapress@gmail.com to remove yourself from the list. No hard feelings.

If you mean you don’t like this, the never ending horror of the particular political and social moment we find ourselves in, we know. It’s rough out here. We hope some printed ephemera can help a little bit.

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